Monday, July 5, 2021


i smell the foulness
of my warm breath
trapped by a face mask
i smell the antiseptic sharpness
of the hand sanitizer
i hear the loud beep of the
digital thermometer
my eyes are blur from scanning QR codes
these are not the best of times
indeed it is the flatulence of gloom
and the diarrhoea of despair

how long more?
how long more?

how long more do we have to suffer like this?
down to the last grain of rice
down to the last cube of sugar
down to the last morsel of food
down to the last ringgit in the purse
down to the last glimmer of hope

put up the white flag!
put up the white flag!

for the wira have failed us
they cook maggi mee for a photo op
to show they are in solidarity with the poor
but their larders are overflowing with food
and their pockets are jiggling with coins of gold
they cross boundaries and flout the SOPs
they dine in and host festive parties
and when we are starving, they tell us to pray

do you see the white flag!
do you see the white flag!

we are not surrendering
we are marching on
we have to help each other
we have to take care of ourselves
for our wira are too busy
trying to cling on to power
while dipping into the pot of gold
to even notice that we still exist

when is the hour and the day?
when is the hour and the day?

when will the saviour make his move?
when will judgment be delivered?
when will we be freed from this dungeon of doom?
when will light shine through this murky gloom?

July 1 2021

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