Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Second episode of sex video

Now that Mr Y has been linked to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in the Saiful sodomy court case, his enemies are really hammering the nails into the coffin.

The second episode of the video of a man who looks like Anwar having sex with a China Doll was posted online today.

Soon after lunch, the buzz was that the video was on YouTube. About an hour later, it was removed. But screen-capture shots of the clip were posted in several blogs.

By around 7.30pm, the video was re-posted on several blogs.

After viewing the second episode, anyone who has intimate knowledge of Anwar and his sartorial preferences will be able to confirm if it is indeed him or someone resembling him.

This is because his private part can be seen for a second or two (though the genitals of the woman and the man have been pixelated) and also the man wears a T-shirt instead of a singlet before donning a shirt.

Plus, the man wears a pair of underpants that looks like boxer shorts. I don't think many Malaysians wear boxer shorts.

To view the video, click

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