Sunday, April 8, 2012

Clean elections and the Anti-Christ?

Sometimes it is amazing how nonsensical some people can be.

I'm totally baffled by the statement on April 7 by Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris which attempted to somehow link the proposed Bersih 2.0 rally - to push for clean and fair elections - on April 28 with  religion.

Irwan had telephoned The Malaysian Insider to give his views on Bersih 2.0 co-chair Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan and literary giant Datuk A. Samad Said who is now a Bersih supporter.

“Samad Said, don’t be a traitor to the nation. It is very clear who is Ambiga... I stand strong in my conviction that she is anti-Muslim,” Irwan told The Malaysian Insider.

Irwan warned Muslims not to attend Bersih’s third rally on April 28, claiming that the event was being led by “the anti-Christ for Muslims” and a “traitor to the nation”.

He also criticised Samad for his involvement, saying it was “unfortunate” that a man considered a national icon in the field of arts and literature was not behaving intelligently.

“Don’t you dare try to get our students involved, Samad Said. Don’t you become a traitor.

“You are a Muslim. You have to show that you are not supporting Ambiga. You should be protecting Islam," he told The Malaysian Insider.

How a rally for clean and fair elections to champion freedom and democrary can be anti-Muslim and led by the Anti-Christ is totally beyond my mortal understanding. Well, perhaps I am not intelligent enough to understand such matters...

However, I would like Irwan to tell Malaysians if the Arab Spring - uprisings by young Arabs against dictators and despots fuelled by ideals of freedom and democracy - is anti-Muslim or led by some Arab version of the Anti-Christ.

Bear in mind the Arab Spring is taking place in Arabia where Islam was born and most - if not all - of the young Arab protestors are Muslims.

As for the Anti-Christ mentioned in the Bible, he is not just going to lead one small rally in some remote corner of the world to fight for clean and fair elections; he is going to lead the entire world to the wrong and evil path to damnation.

Irwan should at least get his theology right.

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