Thursday, July 16, 2009

More crime news

Soon after friends read my post on how snatch thieves almost got away with my gold chain and jade crucifix, one of them e-mailed me that her friend had been robbed at a petrol station too.
She also said that she saw YouTube footage that showed a woman checking her engine with the bonnet open at a petrol station. The mistake she made was she had her handbag slung around her shoulder.
A petrol attendant was standing beside her but that did not deter the snatch thieves.
In a flash, a motorcyclist zoomed past her and the pillion rider snatched her handbag. The poor victim was flung several meters away and what injuries she suffered nobody knows.
And the petrol attendant? He was too stunned to do anything.
Some months ago, my neighbour's daughter returned from work at about 8pm. She opened the automatic gate with her remote control, drove into the porch and before she could even press the close button, a motorcyclist zoomed in, smashed the front passenger window with a hammer, grabbed her handbag which was on the seat and zoomed off.
It is believed that the snatch thief must have spotted the handbag on the front passenger seat when she stopped at a traffic light and he simply followed her home to commit the crime.
A colleague who had her handbag snatched outside her house told me she does not take her handbag or purse with her whenever she fills up at the petrol station.
"I just take along a little bit of money and one credit card. I keep my purse in the glove compartment most of the time," she said.
After the incident, my wife admonished me for being too careless. She pointed out that I have the nasty habit of counting money while walking towards the car after withdrawing the cash from an ATM.
She also pointed out that I tend to leave the car keys in the car when I alight to pick up something from a shop or stall or whatever.
At least I have done something right - I have trained my kids to lock the car doors whenever I alight to get something. The problem is the kids prefer to listen to Fly FM than to walk with me to buy laksa or chap fan (mixed rice).

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