Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stop complaining!

Just a few days before the deputy president of a certain Barisan Nasional component party is supposed to appear before a disciplinary council to answer a complaint about him starring in a sex DVD, the complainant has withdrawn his complaint.
The complainant, a division chairman in Johor, had lodged his complaint on May 28 last year, but no action had been taken so far and according to reports, he said the political scenario had changed and there was no need to pursue the matter.
Whether the deputy president will still have to appear before the party's disciplinary council on Aug 4 is not known.
But now that there is no more complaint, is there still a case for him to answer?
And why did the complainant withdraw his complaint? The division chief told reporters that there was no pressure on him and it was his own decision to withdraw the complaint.
One finds that kind of political statement hard to believe.
Word is the big guns of the dominant party in Barisan are not too pleased with the goings-on in the component party especially when the ruling coalition is trying so very hard to win back the voters. Stay tuned...

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