Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Final act: The president outwits his rival?

It seems as if the party president has outwitted his ousted deputy - at least for the time being.
On Saturday night, it was announced that the party's central committee has decided to amend the decision made by the presidential council and suspended the deputy president for four years instead of giving him the sack.
What this means is that the previously-sacked deputy now is no longer the deputy but remains a party member.
That preemptive strike has also resulted in the party's EGM being converted into an academic exercise of sorts because the resolution to reinstate the deputy no longer applies.
The move has taken the wind out of the sails of the deputy's campaign to get back to the party and the president now has the upper hand.
To strengthen his hand even more, the president has said even a simple majority for the resolution for a vote of no confidence against him would mean he has to resign - along with the presidential council because the decision to sack the deputy was a collective one.
In other words, the president has pointedly told his presidential council - which include the Ministers and deputy Ministers - that they will go if he goes. They have effectively been ordered to sink or swim with him.
That means the members of the presidential council will have to ensure that all the delegates under their control will have to back the president - ensuring him of victory.
That appears to be the game plan.

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