Friday, September 11, 2009

Heading for a stalemate?

This afternoon the presidential council of the party decided that only one EGM would be held.
At the same time, supporters of the sacked deputy president submitted 921 signed requisition forms calling for an EGM and put to rest rumours, obviously spread by the other camp, that they did not have the support of one-third (800) of the total of 2,402 central delegates to call for one.
The sacked deputy president meanwhile claimed that he has more than 1,200 delegates behind him.
When the EGM will be held is not known, but one of the resolutions submitted by the sacked deputy president's camp is to call for a vote of no confidence against the president.
What would be really interesting is when neither the president nor the sacked deputy can get the backing of two-thirds of the delegates attending the EGM.
A stalemate will result in even more confusion and a longer battle of attrition. Observers say a stalemate is a highly possible result.

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