Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Getting curiouser and curiouser

The plot thickens. It is getting very exciting. Nobody expected all this to happen - the story has changed so unpredictably that the impossible has become possible.
Today, the Registrar of Societies said the former deputy should be reinstated as deputy.
Therefore the new deputy has to be demoted to vice-president.
But the new deputy does not recognise all these manoeuvres and is likely to take his battle to the courts.
So as far as he is concerned he is still the deputy which means there is one party and two deputy presidents - in the view of a faction of the party.
Four central committee members who were appointed by the president, but who betrayed him by siding with the now-demoted deputy, were sacked by the president.
Three people were appointed CC members, including the son of the formerly-sacked and now-reinstated deputy. Looks like it is a family affair, from the perspective of another faction of the party.
The CC meeting rejected the push for an EGM which was proposed by the disgruntled group of 16 CC members led by the now-demoted deputy.
It looks like the reinstated deputy accepted the offer made by the president and it is very likely that elevating his son to the CC was part of the deal.
Is this the end of the story? Frankly, I don't think so. Strange things have happened and stranger things may happen soon...

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