Thursday, November 19, 2009

Where is the unity plan?

So the "slash and burn" drama continues...
The president who is now reunited with the reinstated deputy has combined forces and "slashed and burnt" the vice-president who was supposedly promoted to deputy and his backers.
These backers include the youth and wanita leaders who cried during a press conference, but tears will not repair the damage done to the party.
It was quite revealing that while the president said all these sackings amounted to just reshuffling towards the greater ends of unity, the deputy Prime Minister uttered: "Where is the unity plan?"
In other words, in the eyes of the leaders of the Chinese party, they are indeed working towards unity, but in the eyes of the people at large, they see a party that is getting more and more disunited.
Political leaders must remember that they can make admirable moves by manoeuvring to stay in power, sleeping with the enemy if necessary, but the people they represent - the Chinese community - are frankly tired of all that politicking.
Photos of the president and deputy president, who once upon a time were strangling each other and now are holding hands with fake smiles, are splashed all over the newspapers, but do the readers care?
Seriously, the people are treating the whole political mess as a joke.
Just the other day, I attended a birthday party and I mentioned to a friend that it is always better to have friends than enemies.
My friend quipped: "Yes, but these days enemies can also become your friends." Everybody laughed because they knew immediately what he was referring to.
The political leaders have become the laughing stock of the masses.
They should stop looking awkward shaking hands and maintaining forced smiles and look at the very serious issue of how to win back the hearts of the cynical and much-amused Chinese community.

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