Saturday, April 3, 2010

First problem to solve

Just days after his convincing victory, the new president of the Chinese party already has a problem to fix.
Actually, the problem was not caused by him but by the Wanita chief of his party. During the height of the battle against the former president, the Wanita chief had declared that she would resign if the former deputy won the presidency. Depending on how you look at it, that was either a highly-principled or fabulously foolish stance.
Now that the former deputy has won, the Wanita chief has two options - swallow her pride, stay as Wanita chief and ignore her detractors or show everyone that she is a woman of principle and leave. We will know soon enough what her decision will be.
Observers say she will send in her letter and leave with some grace despite the fact that the new president has paved the way for her to stay by saying something to the effect that the past is the past and the party should move ahead.
The observers say she has to leave as she has too many enemies within Wanita simply because many of the wing's leaders had supported (and perhaps still support) the former president.
They feel that the Wanita chief had betrayed the former president and had stabbed him in his back.
The former president had made her a Senator which enabled her to become a Deputy Minister. But during the party infighting, she had sided with a vice-president (who is now deputy) to force the former president out.
Such lack of loyalty and gratitude has not gone down well with fans of the former president who still hold influential posts in the Wanita wing.
If she does not go, her enemies in the wing may just organise their own putsch.
Now that would be a really big problem for the new president to solve...

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