Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Change it is

Some semblance of peace reigns in the Chinese party after the elections that saw the former deputy winning the presidency despite his sex DVD-tainted past.
It would appear that the delegates have pushed that scandal aside and focused on the healing process that the party desperately needs. The delegates have answered the vital question - Sex or MCA? - that was posed by the new deputy's supporters in the run-up to the elections.
What was surprising was the victory of the vice-president, who wanted to be president, who is now the deputy.
Can the new president and his new deputy work together? Can the president and the Wanita chief, who is known to have been vehemently against him for being involved in the sex scandal, work with him now that he has been elected president?
That remains to be seen. 
For the benefit of the party and the Chinese community, it is essential for the new deputy and the incumbent Wanita chief to work with the president. More infighting is not needed and will make the weak party even weaker.
On the surface there is some semblance of peace, but beneath that outward calm there is a lot of horse-trading going on since the new president will have to reward his loyalists.
Some changes will occur in the party structure and some will involve positions outside the party.
For sure there will be a minor Cabinet reshuffle since the previous president, who is a Minister, no longer holds any party position and a former vice-president who is also in the Cabinet lost in his bid to be deputy president.
There may also be need to fill up vacant posts - or get rid of those loyal to the previous president - in companies that the party has investments in.
The next week or so should be interesting.

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