Sunday, May 30, 2010

All is not well in MIC

Though the turn-out for the Gerakan Anti-Samy (GAS) meeting today at the Mines Convention Centre in Seri Kembangan was poor, it does not mean that all is well in MIC.

Party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu, who also sacked secretary-general S. Murugessen for standing up and criticising him, must realise that although he has the power to sack his enemies and replace them with friends, it is the party - and the Indian community - that will suffer.

By sacking his enemies - MIC Central Working Committee members K.P. Samy, G. Kumar Aamaan and former Petaling Jaya MIC Division Chief V. Subramaniam or Bharat Maniam -before Murugessen was kicked out, Samy may be able to cling on to power. But at what cost?

The Indian community are watching the events unfolding like a bad Hindi movie but the scenes missing are the joyous moments of singing and dancing. The Indians who, more often than not, feel they have been discriminated against by Government policies and have been left out of economic progress have nothing to be joyous about. Especially when the political party that purportedly represents them seems to be heading to self-destruction.

Samy may end up still in control of a party that means little to the Indian community and Malaysian society. And being king of a little kingdom, Samy could still spew out a lot of hot air and GAS, but the dwindling audience would slowly leave the cinema hall before the movie ends.

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