Saturday, May 29, 2010

Samy Vellu hit by GAS attack

GAS what? Another component party of Barisan Nasional is going through upheaval.

There seems to be a little revolt going on in MIC with its secretary-general S. Murugesan openly questioning president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu's dismissal of four leaders for criticising his leadership.

Murugesan is the highest-ranking MIC official so far to attack Samy Vellu who has backed off somewhat by saying today that he will leave earlier than planned (Sept 2011) if he is given "other responsibilities" outside the MIC.

This GAS attack is the most serious so far and it appears to be gaining momentum, especially in MIC.

Despite what Samy Vellu thinks, he is not that popular among MIC members (though most of the leaders are the president's men) and he is definitely not popular among the Indian community.

In showbiz, there is a saying that an artiste should go when the going is good so that people will remember him with fondness. In other words, one should not overstay one's welcome - if an artiste retires when his career is going downhill rather than at the peak of his career, people will remember him for his failures instead of his successes.

will that be the case for Samy Vellu? If he decides to go now, it will be during the downward spiral of his political career. Will people speak well of him in the future? Will people remember him for his political struggle (if any) for the Indians? Or will people remember him for refusing to go while his party was losing its relevance to the Indians?

In other words, does Samy Vellu want to be remembered for leading MIC into oblivion?

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