Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Everybody's talking about....Anwar

Everybody seems to be talking about sex, lies and video these days. I was in a taxi the other day and the cabbie asked about the so-called Anwar sex tape after I told him that I work in the newspaper publishing industry.

"Did you watch the tape?" he asked in Malay.

"No, but my boss did," I replied.

"Is it Anwar?" he asked.

"Yes, that's what the boss said."

"Is it really him? It wasn't a camera trick?"

"Don't think so."

At the office, a group of reporters was spotted in one corner of the newsroom and they were talking about - you guessed it - the Anwar sex tape.

So far I know of two people who have watched the tape and both have said it was Anwar who had sex with a mainland Chinese prostitute.

Anwar has denied that he was the man in the video and said his stomach is smaller than that of the man in the video.

He also claimed he was tweeting with his family during the time when the sexcapade took place and his aides have come up with a list of tweets that he sent out on that night - Feb 21 - to back up his claim that he was busy tweeting instead of busy having sex at that material time.

However, many reporters and bloggers have pointed out that there was a gap of about 20 minutes when there was no tweet from him that night. And the sexcapade lasted 21 minutes.

So far, the video has not been posted on YouTube yet.

I think it’s only a question of time.

When that happens, then Anwar will be judged by the jury of the people and it could end up like the V.K. Lingam tape episode when the lawyer said: “It looks like me, it sounds like me...”

Two things can happen - Anwar may become something like a bad joke or people may sympathise with him and for some peculiar reason his star may shine brighter.

Whatever the case may be, the people’s greatest desire right now is to have the chance to watch the video.

Everybody I know has asked me two questions: “Is it really Anwar in the video?” and “Where can I get a copy of the video?”

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