Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crowded contest

Some 101 candidates vying for 31 posts in the Chinese party is a big crowd but it also means that democracy is alive and kicking.

The more the merrier, but it will be a headache for those counting the votes.

The incumbent president is wishfully hoping that he still has 40% support, based on the votes for him at the EGM and AGM, and is desperately wishing that the remaining 60% will be split more or less equally among the other two contestants and he will sneak in back to the president's post.

If that happens, it will mean that the entire Chinese opera has no positive conclusion and there will be a part two.

However, that is unlikely to happen. The talk is that he commands anything from 10-20% support and the former deputy is likely to be the victor, which is frankly the best result for the party.

What is more interesting would be the battle for the deputy presidency. The former vice-president who led his own faction will be taking on another vice president who is seen to be aligned to the former deputy president.

If the former deputy president can pull off a victory and get his supporters to vote for his "dishes" despite the reported absence of a "menu", then the former vice-president who was "promoted" to deputy could be booted out.

As for the vice-presidents' posts, it is likely that the leading female leader (who is not the Wanita head), someone from Sabah, someone from Selangor and someone from Kedah will win.

If the confirmed line-up is something like the above, then there is a good chance that the Chinese party will be able to win back some Chinese support.

If not, then it is likely that MCA will be the next MIC.

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