Friday, March 5, 2010

Finally, the final chapter

And so after all these months, something is happening to the leading Chinese political party.

Frankly, the majority of the Chinese community has not been too bothered about what had been happening to the party that purportedly represents them and had been busy tossing their yee sang and tucking into sumptuous meals during the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Eversince the party president went back on his word and did not resign when he did not receive a vote of confidence for his leadership, most of the Chinese had switched off their attention. 

Even when the vice-president and his band of followers threatened to boycott the party's CNY functions the Chinese did not bother to pay any attention to the goings-on in the party.

The reaction was like "So, problem not yet solved ah?" and it was back to the daily chores of life.

Yesterday, the deputy president and his supporters and the vice-president and his supporters have finally decided to resign and force fresh elections.

Indeed fresh elections would be the best way to solve the leadership crisis in the party.
What is interesting now is which post the (now ex-) deputy and vice presidents would go for. And would the incumbent president call it a day and fade away or would he make a last stand and go for the presidency again?

Observers say the president will try his luck again - after all he (thinks he) has the support of almost half the delegates. If he wins, everyone will have to shut up. However, whether the Chinese community - or other Malaysians - will be satisfied is another matter.

Chances are the fight for the presidency will be three-cornered - the incumbent will be in the ring and so will the ex-deputy president. The third candidate could either be the ex-vice-president or someone from his camp.

What is likely to happen is the ex-vice-president will go for the vice-presidency and send a representative for the presidency to split the votes and possibly even win.

Frankly, the best result for the Chinese community would be for the ex-deputy to become the president despite his colourful (and widely-seen sinful) past.

"MCA or sex" read one banner during the party's CNY gathering. I think given the political scenario now, the Chinese community would forgive the ex-deputy for his sexcapades for the sake of MCA.

The ex-deputy appears to have the political skills to navigate the tricky path of fighting for Chinese causes whilst working with Malay-Muslims.

He seems to be the only leader in the Chinese party now who can convince some Chinese voters to abandon the Pakatan cause and hop back to the Barisan side.

For that, the Malay politicians will also forgive him for his sexcapades. After all, how many Malay politicians and leaders have been rumoured to have been caught in khalwat raids with Malay actresses, singers and models? 

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