Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Act One, Scene Two

Scene Two of the saga of the Barisan Nasional component party continues with the deputy president aka the man in the sex DVD appearing before the party's disciplinary committee today despite the fact that the complainant had withdrawn his complaint.
It is likely that the no-nonsense disciplinary committee will find him guilty of some charge like violating the party's code of conduct or behaving in a manner unbecoming of a deputy president or something like that and punish him.
His punishment will come in the form of either a dismissal or a suspension.
Chances are the leaders of the party will not take the risk of going all the way and sack him. Therefore the deputy president will most likely be suspended for a year or two.
That action will spark off Act One Scene Three or Act Two Scene One or whatever...
What will happen next? Will supporters of the deputy president make a move for an EGM? Will there be a motion of no confidence against the party president?
Stay tuned.

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