Thursday, August 27, 2009

Act two, scene two

Today, the campaign to call for an EGM began when a group of party loyalists who want to "save the party" met and formally announced their intention to get 800 central delegates to back their move.
Will they succeed? Apparently they will.
If that is the case, then the EGM may be held as early as next month.
But will the (sacked) deputy president's supporters be able to convince more than 1,600 delegates to back their motion of no confidence against the party president and also reverse the decision of the presidential council? At this moment, the word is they will not be able to do so.
What will happen then?
The split in the party may be so great and the repercussions so grave that the entire political scene in Malaysia may change - and ironically Pakatan Rakyat will have nothing to do with it and they need not do anything at all except to grab a good seat and watch while the ruling coalition destroys itself.
This wild party will get wilder...

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