Friday, August 28, 2009

Today's chapter: Unseen hands

This episode will be about a former president of the party acting as the unseen hand behind the great Chinese drama unfolding before our very eyes now.
The sacked deputy president can apparently depend on support from his home state of Johore and the state of the former president - Perak.
Unseen hands are said to be guiding the moves by party members and delegates to call for an EGM which is likely to take place next month.
According to the Chinese press, there is speculation that the way out of this mess is for both the present party president and the sacked deputy to "withdraw" from the political scene and allow a senior party statesman to step in to lead the party and repair it in time for the next general election. Word is that the party sifu will be from the Prime Minister's home state - Pahang.
How the dominant Malay party will react to this is not known, but it is pretty obvious that they would rather have a stable MCA than a split one in 2012/13 when the next general election has to be called.

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