Thursday, August 27, 2009

Act two, scene one: The deputy president is sacked

As expected, the second chapter of the great Chinese drama has just been filmed.
Hours ago, the presidential council of the leading Chinese political party decided to follow the recommendation of the disciplinary board and sacked the randy deputy president who had tainted the party's image by "acting" in a sex DVD.
Now, the real party begins....but it's going to be a helluva wild party that threatens to split the leading Chinese political party so badly that it may be hard to stick it back together again.
Watching at the sidelines with great interest and looking rather worried is the leading Malay party whose leaders have been trying so hard to win back support with a series of populist moves. After all the hard work and energy spent, this had to happen and this sacking will have such great repercussions that it even threatens to split the ruling coalition.
It's gonna be a wild party...
The next episode will see supporters of the deputy president calling for the president to be suspended. In fact it has already happened - on Wednesday, several leaders in Perak had called for the president to be suspended.
Then there will be calls for an EGM. The word is there will be enough delegates calling for an EGM to ensure it will take place, but whether the sacked deputy has enough supporters to get a vote of no confidence against the president passed is another story.
We will have to be patient and tune in to watch the next episode as the great Chinese drama takes the Malaysian political landscape by storm.

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