Monday, August 31, 2009

Act three, scene one: President calls for EGM

In a pre-emptive strike the party president has just called for an EGM while supporters of the sacked deputy president are still finalising the resolutions of their motion to be tabled in the EGM that they are planning to hold.
The party president's EGM will have a motion to support the presidential council's decision to sack the deputy president and possibly a motion to support his leadership. In effect, the president's EGM would be a vote of confidence for him.
He seems to be banking on the fact that he needs two thirds of the delegates attending the EGM to support him rather than 1,602 which is two thirds of the 2,402 central delegates nationwide.
If he does not get two-thirds of the attendees' votes, effectively it would be a show of no confidence but would not amount to a vote of no confidence.
Thus if the deputy president's supporters decide to boycott the EGM, it would be a walkover for the president.
What'll happen then? I am not sure, but it will be helluva messy...

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