Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clinging on to power

And the drama continues...
Today was supposed to be the end of the great Chinese saga; instead it is the start of a new episode.
The party has become even more segmented. The president had apparently unveiled a daring plan involving newspaper advertisements and demonstrations by groups of supporters to cling on to power and has succeeded for the time being.
He did not resign even though he lost the vote of no-confidence by a small margin. Constitutionally it would need two-thirds of the delegates to vote him out - therefore he is constitutionally correct to cling on to power.
He had called for fresh party elections but the central committee did not agree with him because it was felt that the party needed stabilisation. It is also likely that the central committee did not want fresh elections as it could result in many of the members losing.
New polls would enable the president and the former deputy to fight for the top post again albeit in a democratic way.
Ironically, the former deputy president is backing the president on this move. He knows that it would be the only way left to salvage his political career.
However, to make matters even more confusing, the central committee has elevated a vice-president to fill the deputy presidency.
So now the former deputy is officially shut out - that's why he wants fresh elections.
And in a final strike, the president has called for another EGM for the delegates to decide whether it is feasible to hold fresh party elections.

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