Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The end is near

The party's EGM is coming soon, but all seems strangely quiet in every front.
But beneath the outward calm, big battles are being fought with lots of phone calls, SMSes, late-night chats, gifts in the form of moon cakes with other "things" stashed in the box, and plenty of promises made.
There is also talk of a third force in the party whose aim is to get rid of the president and his suspended deputy, appoint one of the vice-presidents as acting president and continue with the job of running the party and winning back Chinese support.
Observers say there are three possible conclusions to this saga - the president goes and the deputy takes over, the president stays and the deputy goes or both of them go.
If the third scenario unfolds, only two vice-presidents are in the running to take over and both are guys. It has nothing to do with gender discrimination - it's just that nobody is sure who the female vice-president is loyal to.
One of the vice-presidents is said to be favoured by Umno while the Youth leader is also said to be in the good books of the Malay leadership.
Supporters of the president are still maintaining that they have a 55% chance of winning.
Well, in a few days' time we will all know whether they are right...

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