Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last stand

On Thursday we will know who the leader of the party that represents the Chinese community will be.
Already observers are saying that there are three possible conclusions - the president (who does not enjoy the confidence of the delegates) decides to go back on his promise to quit and hangs on to power by arguing that he can only be removed by two-thirds of the delegates; one of the two male vice-presidents will take over; or fresh elections will be called.
The former deputy president is pushing for fresh elections simply because he has the chance to stand for presidency and try one more time to grab the top seat of power.
The two vice-presidents are pushing for either one of them helming the party.
What the president wants will only be known on Thursday. But so many people have told him to go that surely he must have gotten the hint.
However, the president is not known to be a person who would just give up without a fight.
We will have to wait and see what his last stand will be...
Calls for him to stay and the sudden emergence of a website praising him as a great leader and all that suggests that he just might decide to hang on to power for a little longer.
Let's hope that it will be a mature decision because Barisan Nasional simply cannot afford to have a major component party imploding especially when another major component party, the MIC, is being led to oblivion by a stubborn leader.

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