Friday, October 30, 2009

Going for broke

Today we will find out if the Youth wing of the Chinese party will take the lead and show the way to get rid of the president.
We shall see if the rebellious youths will support its leader who has marched along with 15 other central committee members to call for an EGM to decide whether to hold fresh elections.
If the youths are all behind the move for fresh elections, then the Wanita wing are likely to march with them.
Thus the president will fight a battle with his new deputy, one vice-president, the Youth and Wanita heads and lots of angry youths and women.
Strangely, two other vice-presidents have slyly stayed at the sidelines - they are probably watching the situation to see which way the wind blows.
The former deputy is also keeping rather quiet. What his next move will be is not known, but the Home Affairs Minister has already said the ex-deputy could appeal to him whether or not to be reinstated as the deputy which suggests that the authorities could indeed reinstate the former deputy to his post which will result in the new deputy, who was "promoted" during the last central committee meeting, being demoted.
That could explain why the new deputy has moved quickly to declare a new front of war despite the so-called greater unity plan. He is going for broke because if the president and reinstated deputy still control the party, he and his band of "traitors" will be"beheaded".
Whichever way the wind blows, heads will roll anyway - wars are always bloody.

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