Tuesday, October 27, 2009

May the (3rd) force be with you

The peace pact has been breached much sooner than most people had expected.
Today, the so-called "third force" in the Chinese party emerged from the shadows - well, they had to because everybody including the president and former deputy knew who they were anyway - and held a press conference to say that nobody knew what the so-called greater unity plan entailed.
The new deputy president said he was only informed by the president that there was a unity plan, but no details were given to him or the central committee.
Previously the party was split into two - the president's faction versus the former deputy's gang of loyalists.
Now, a segment of the president's faction including the new deputy, the youth and wanita heads has stepped out into the spotlight to reveal that there is now a third faction in the party.
The aim of the third faction, said to be masterminded by another former deputy president and a few ex-presidents, is to get rid of the president and the former deputy (ok, I know it's getting confusing) so that the present deputy can take over the seat of power.
The third force is not without their supporters, but just how strong they are nobody knows for sure.
The president has claimed that he and the former deputy control just under 50 per cent of the central delegates with a small swing group numbering about 50-60.
If they think that the third force comprises only 50-60 delegates, they are likely to be wrong.
The third force is stronger than that and they seem to have the Chinese community at large behind them since everyone is tired about the so-called possibilities and impossibilities in politics.
The Chinese community are sick and tired of all this infighting - they want their problems to be solved.
Already, many Chinese voters have sided with PKR, DAP and - rather shockingly - even with PAS.
A Chinese party split three ways will not be able to represent them or even get their votes.

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